Istanbul – fınally!

Walking the streets of Istanbul, I am awed to fınally see the buildings, the people I only glimpsed on my computer screen at home. Aya Sophia is just outside the door of this internet cafe, the Blue Mosque is across the street.

Here is the view from my hotel at the Hotel Peninsula.

On the left is the Blue Mosque in the distance. On the right is a Muslem minaret. If you look on the ring of white just below the brick spire of the minaret, you might see the speaker attached to it. I am so glad I read about the five times a day call to prayer or I would have fallen out of bed this morning when the speaker blasted one of those calls at 6:15am.

By the way, I should mention that these posts will take longer for me to type, gettıng used to the Turkish keyboard.  Ugh! ğüçöe …

When I arrived last night after midnight, the whole reality of this trip hit me as my hotel minivan caressed the roads of Istanbul leading from Ataturk airport. It was when he pointed out the Sea of Mamara to me that it all hit me. I am in Turkey! Finally. All the months of planning and musing and wondering have culminated now. When he turned off the main highway onto the narrow cobblestone streets, I could feel myself sink into the breath of this place and that I sure wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Today, walking the streets of cobblestones and antiquity amid carpet hawkers and ATM machines, I feel a bit anxious for my tour to start tomorrow evening. I feel safe walking alone, but I would like to share this with others, to talk about it and practice my Turkish. Love the cat! He was in a graveyard across from the Blue Mosque. Wouldn’t you know I’d make friends with the two cats at the hotel as well. 

Off to the cistern and tea, or cay. Sonra göruşuruz. See you later!


~ by Tess (Piyadassi) on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “Istanbul – fınally!”

  1. You’re there! What a spectacular time to be in Istanbul; when the bones of the city are laid bare. No, you’re not in Kansas anymore, and Dorothy, aren’t you glad? And aren’t you grateful the blast from the speaker was the call to prayer and wasn’t telling you it was time to get to Hollyhock? I love traveling with you. M

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